Fantastic Four’s are tackling the task of prepping for kindergarten!  Children are engaging in a structured classroom with clearly defined daily procedures.  Each day, students begin with an activity designed to promote letter recognition and grow fine motor skills such as:

  • Letter and line tracing
  • Cutting straight lines and shapes with safety scissors
  • Identifying objects that begin with the “Letter of the Week”
  • Lacing and tying
  • Puzzles

Children explore learning centers and engage in dramatic play in addition to circle time, songs, movement, and art.  Circle time begins with the “Question of the Day” and continues with sight word recognition, letter sounds, basic mathematical functions, and character education.  Our program is designed to promote social emotional skills such as listening, understanding feelings, and conflict resolution.  

Teachers build on basic mathematical skills by introducing patterns, graphs, reasoning, and problem solving. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through guided artwork and craft and through artistic free “play” – painting, coloring, drawing.

Fantastic Fours enjoy daily songs and movement and outdoor playground time!