We work hard to supply snacks that are healthy and that the children enjoy eating so, hopefully, you will see a balance of healthy and fun on this list.  Precautions are taken every day to accommodate any food allergies. If you see a snack on the list that your child has an allergy to, we have made note and your child will not be given that snack or it will not be served in your child’s classroom but may be served in a different classroom.  

  • Students are required to wash their hands before and after snack.
  • Students are given water to drink during snack time.
  • Snacks are served on a rotation.
  • Fruit choices may vary based on seasonal availability
  • 1 Year Old Classes typically have yogurt puffs, various fruit sauce or vegetable puree pouches, soft chew fruit bars, veggie straws, and/or cheerios.

October Snack List

Sliced Apples/ Townhouse Cracker

Bananas/ Townhouse Cracker

Popcorn/Vanilla Wafers

Veggie sticks/Cheezeits


Sugar free Jello/Vanilla Wafers

Ritz Crackers/Dried Mangos

Vanilla Pudding/Graham Crackers

Alphabet Cookies/Mixed Fruit

Saltines/Fig Newtons (mixed berry)

Applesauce/Club Crackers

String cheese/Saltine

Trail Mix (nut free)

Raisins/Banana chips