“The kids love preschool and their teachers.  They look forward to going every day and don’t stop talking about preschool from the moment they in the car.  The have learned so much and I cannot wait to see how much more they learn!”

Erica Bleffer, 4 yo mom

“The teachers are great! I could not ask for any better.  Emma is learning so much and enjoys going to school each day!”

Emily Suttle, 3 yo mom

“I am so happy!  I drive 30 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon to get Max to FUMC; I spend 1.5-2 hours driving each day because that’s how much I love this school!  I thank his teachers for being so patient with my son.  Both teachers boost his self esteem and give him confidence and a purpose. He’s learned so much, improved so much, and I love the kid he is when he’s at FUMC Preschool!  I thank the directors for fabulous communication and for being so kind.  I can tell that my child is loved at preschool.  Absolutely fantastic!”

Kristen Smith, 4 yo mom

“It was difficult at first walking away from my crying child on the first day, but now, to see them run into their classroom with a big smile every day makes me so happy!”


“Our child is excited to go to school every day and she is always greeted by her teachers with a hug! We love that she does art every day! There is an overabundance of communication from preschool that we appreciate.  We love the calendar with themes from the teachers because it allows us to talk with our child and encourage storytelling about her day.”